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a city in the region of Epirus‚ northwestern Greece‚ located on the northern peninsula at the mouth of the Ambracian Gulf. It is the capital of the regional unit of Preveza‚ which is part of the region of Epirus. The Aktio-Preveza Immersed Tunnel – the first and so far‚ only undersea tunnel in Greece – was completed in 2002 and connects Preveza in the north to Aktio in western Acarnania in Aetolia-Acarnania south of the mouth of the Ambracian Gulf. The ruins of the ancient city of Nicopolis lie 7 kilometres (4 miles) north of the city.

Today Preveza is a commercial harbor and tourist hub‚ with a marina‚ 4 Museums‚ an open theatre‚ a music Hall (OASIS)‚ many clubs‚ taverns‚ and cafes‚ benefiting from its proximity to the nearby Aktion National Airport and the nearby island of Lefkada‚ a major tourist destination. There are in the city the University department of Financial (department of university of Ioannina) and Commercial Navy Academy. The Aktio-Preveza Immersed Tunnel‚ opened on 2002‚ is an important work of infrastructure for what has traditionally been a remote and underdeveloped region‚ and links Preveza to Actium (Greek: Άκτιο‚ Aktio) on the southern shore of the Ambracian Gulf‚ greatly shortening the distance of the trip to Lefkada.