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Baggage Allowance and Excess Policy


Kindly refer to the list of prohibited articles and dangerous goods to avoid carrying restricted articles into the cabin.


Allowance: Onboard


35 x 20 x 20 cm



Allowance: Onboard


55 x 40 x 23 cm

Online : EUR 15 / USD 20 per piece

At the Airport : EUR 25 / USD 30 per piece 


Allowance: Checked


80 x 50 x 28 cm

Online : EUR 30 / USD 35 per piece

At the Airport : EUR 55 / USD 60 per piece 

Excess Baggage Allowance : 5 EUR / USD 6 Per KG (Up to 32KG)

Further Information

  • Security+

    Please ensure not to carry any of the following items in your checked baggage:

    • Jewellery‚ precious metal‚ precious stones
    • Computers‚ video cameras‚ mobile phones or other electronic appliances
    • Cash‚ securities
    • Business or private official documentation
    • Keys
    • Liquids
    • Medicine
    • Perishable items
    • Pieces of fine art

    If checked-in baggage contains any such items TUS Airways cannot be liable for loss‚ damage or delay

  • Carriage of Liquids in Cabin Baggage+

    • Liquids can only be carried on board in a maximum-sized 100 ml container(s)
    • All liquid containers meeting the maximum volume of 100 ml per container must be packed in a transparent resealable 1 litre plastic bag (20x20cm)
    • Plastic bag should be presented separately through security screening
    • Liquids not meeting the above requirements will be disposed of at airport security
  • Sporting Equipment +

    Carriage of Sporting equipment can be booked in advance on TUS website or through the TUS Airways Call Centre

    Sporting equipment will only be accepted if it is packed properly (so that damage is avoided) and consists of no more than the following items

    (Sporting equipment should not exceed 32kgs)
    Regular bike (non-motorised) The handlebars should be fixed sideways The pedals removed‚ or fixed inwards It is recommended to deflate the tyres
    (maximum dimensions 2m) Pack in a bicycle box or special plastic box No other items should be packed in the box
    Golf equipment
    One golf bag
    (maximum dimensions 2m)
    Bowling equipment
    Bowling ball One pair of bowling shoes
    (maximum dimensions 2m) Packed in bowling bag
    Fishing equipment
    Two rods
    One reel
    One pair of fishing boots
    One tackle box
    One landing net
    One pair of fishing boots
    (maximum dimensions 2m) Packed in a gear bag
    Kite Surfboard
    One kite
    One board
    (maximum dimensions 2m) Packed in a gear bag
    One wakeboard
    (maximum dimensions 2m) Packed in a gear bag
    One board
    One sail
    A mast
    (maximum dimensions 2m) Packed in a gear bag
    Parachute equipment
    One set parachute equipment
    (maximum dimensions 2m) Packed in protective container
    Ski equipment (snow/water)
    One pair of skis
    One pair of ski poles
    One pair of boots
    (maximum dimensions 2m) Packed in a separate recognised ski or snowboard bag

    Carriage of Specialised Sporting equipment not listed above can be booked in advance through the TUS Airways Call Centre at a charge of EUR55/USD60

  • Carriage of Weapons and Ammunition +

    Carriage of weapons and ammunition must be booked in advance through the TUS Airways Call Centre

    Booking for weapons/ammunition (Sporting/hunting Guns) shall be accepted in accordance with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and packed in a separate bag

    The following procedures/restrictions apply:

    • Pre booking for the carriage of weapons/sporting/hunting guns must be obtained through TUS Airways Call Centre (TEL : +357 24 200 338)
    • Weapons are not permitted within passenger checked baggage
    • Weapons permitted for transportation shall be packed in a separate weapons case and presented during check-in and then carried in the aircraft hold
    • Weapons of war are not accepted for carriage
    • Unloading the weapon and suitable packaging are the responsibility of the passenger
    • Any ammunition permitted for transportation must be packed separately from the weapon
    • Ammunition must be packed in a strong container made of wood‚ metal‚ or fibreboard box
    • Ammunition must be protected‚ inside the container against shock and secured to avoid movement during flight
    • The total weight of ammunition for sporting purposes cannot exceed 5 kilos (including packaging) per passenger
    • All related documentation required by the departure and arrival point authorities‚ are the responsibility of the passenger
    • Charges payable at the airport EUR55/USD60 will apply per weapon
    • Passengers should fill the following form : Carrige of Firearms and or Ammunition.
  • Carriage of Musical Instruments+

    Carriage of Musical Instruments must be booked in advance through the TUS Airways Call Centre

    Musical instruments may be transported either as checked-in baggage or cabin baggage

    Carriage of Musical Instrument as Checked baggage:

    Musical instrument/s will be treated and charged as checked baggage and the relevant charges will apply. Musical instruments loaded in the holds should be properly packed in a hard case. A limited release tag will be presented for signature at the check-in agreeing that the musical instrument is being carried entirely at your own risk.

    Charges payable at the airport EUR55/USD60

    It is recommended to buy specialist travel insurance to cover your musical instrument prior to travel.

    Carriage of Musical Instrument in the Cabin

    A musical instrument can be carried in the cabin instead of the normal trolley bag if it complies with the cabin baggage dimensions 55 x 40 x 23cm and maximum weight 8kgs and the relevant trolley baggage charges are paid.

    Carriage of Musical Instrument on Extra Seat:

    A musical instrument may also be carried as an extra seat (max weight 23 kilos and as per below mentioned dimensions) provided that a window seat will be reserved and pre-paid (price will exclude passenger surcharges and taxes – no additional baggage is allowed for this seat).

    Height (cm)
    Length (cm)
    Width (cm) (or depth)

    The musical instrument must be in a case with handle to enable crew to pass the restraints through to secure safely on the seat. If the crew are not satisfied that the musical instrument is safely stowed‚ they will have to place it in the hold.

    Any instrument not meeting the above requirements to enable the safe travel in the cabin will not be accepted on board and will have to be accepted as hold baggage and relevant charges applied.

    If you wish to add a Musical Instrument please contact our call center : +357 24 200 338

  • Travelling with Pets in Cabin (PETC)+

    Carriage of Pets in Cabin must be booked in advance through the TUS Airways Call Centre

    TUS Airways accepts only small dogs and cats in the cabin


    • Pets should be carried within a special container provided by the passenger
    • The container must not exceed 45cm x 35cm x 23cm and fit under the seat in front of the passenger
    • The total gross weight of the pet (i.e.‚ including the container) must not exceed 8kgs
    • The container must be leak-proof‚ and pets kept in the container for the duration of the flight
    • Passengers travelling with a pet in cabin shall be seated on a window seat‚ not in the first row or on the emergency exit rows
    • Pets must be a minimum of 12 weeks old with a valid anti-rabies vaccination in effect when travelling and with a minimum of 21 days since the last vaccine and shall be a minimum 105 days old to be accepted for travel
    • Pets must be clean‚ odourless‚ healthy‚ harmless and not pregnant
    • Passengers must hold entry permits‚ and other documents required by countries of entry or transit
    • Passengers should visit the website of the respective authorities of their country of destination/transit to ensure compliance
    • Only one pet in cabin per adult passenger is allowed and if travelling with an infant‚ you are not allowed to travel with a pet in cabin as well
    • Carriage of PETS from Unaccompanied minors is not permitted.


    • Pets must be presented at the check in at least 2 hours prior to the flight departure
    • Pets shall be accompanied by valid pet passport for inspection
    • Pets must be fitted with an ID microchip

    PETS transported in the Cabin and will be charged as follows:

    All Destinations (per sector payable at the Airport only)
    Small (up to 8 kilos): In cabin
    EUR 60 / USD 65
    If you wish to add a pet in the cabin please contact out call center : +357 24 200 338

    Guide Dogs

    Seeing eye dogs / hearing aid dogs trained to lead passengers with impaired vision / hearing and other service dogs trained to assist epileptic or autistic passengers can be accepted for travel free of charge. Emotional Support animals are not accepted on TUS flights.


    • Passengers are allowed one guide dog in the aircraft cabin
    • The guide dog shall fit between your feet
    • In the cabin the tie your guide dog to your chair
    • Ensure the guide dog is wearing a muzzle and is on a leash
    • The guide dog is not allowed to move around in the cabin
    • The dog must have been vaccinated against rabies not earlier than a year and not later than a month before the flight
    • Before checking-in‚ your dog must be inspected by the airline to confirm that all the requirements are being met
    • Requirements for pets/animals transportation mentioned above apply for guide dogs as well
    • All documentation set out in the regulations of the countries you are travelling to and from

    Passenger must hold a certificate confirming the dogs special training by organisations which are members of:

    • Assistance Dogs International (ADI) ( or
    • International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF) (
      • Dogs Prohibited from Importation/Transit to:




        • Pit Bull Terrier / American Pit Bull
        • Dogo Argentino / Argentinian Mastiff
        • Fila Brasileiro / Brazilian Mastiff
        • Japanese Tosa / Tosa Inu



        • Rottweiler
        • Pitt Bull Terrier
        • Bull Terrier (Amstaff)
        • Bull Terrier
        • American Staffordshire
        • Argentinean Dogo
        • Brazilian Fila
        • Japanese Tosa
        • Staffordshire Bull Terrier (English Staff)


        Crossbreeds of the above-mentioned breeds with any other breeds shall also be prohibited.

        TUS Airways reserves the right to apply stricter regulations and to refuse the booking on certain routes if necessary.