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Corfu – live the dream!

Corfu, the island of the Piazzes, is considered one of the most interesting and magical islands in Greece. 

On the northern side of the Greek Sea, the charming island of Corfu has a rich historical past, with influences from the Venetian, French and English cultures that have shaped the island’s unique architecture. Its picturesque town, mansions, palaces and stunning beaches make Corfu a top destination in western Greece.

The island of Corfu is pampering with green landscapes and wonderful archaeological, historical and religious attractions. Every year it hosts countless visitors from Greece and abroad, making it  one of the most popular resort islands in the Mediterranean basin.

The beaches of Corfu

Paleokastritsa Beach

Paleokastritsa is a small village in the northwest of the island of Corfu. Although there are many monasteries and churches of historical significance there, the biggest attraction is the main beach. A paved road embraces the beach, offering the opportunity to walk alongside the sand and enjoy the view. The beach is a wonderful place for swimming or boating. You will find many restaurants just steps away from the water, serving coffee, drinks and authentic Corfu dishes.

Canal D’Amour

This is one of the most famous attractions in Corfu. On the west side of the island there are many popular areas. Most are full year round thanks to international tourism. One area, called Sidari, is especially popular thanks to its proximity to a natural landmark known as Canal D’Amour.

Accessible by foot, Canal D’Amour is a series of narrow foyers formed by sandstone cliffs. Each entrance offers something unique. From a virgin strip of white sand to trails leading to beautiful stone arches or hidden caves. Thanks to the rocks, the bays are protected from the winds, making them an excellent place to soak up the sun on cooler days.


The northeastern part of Corfu is home to Kassiopi. A picturesque seaside resort popular with travelers from all over the world. The British, in particular, are drawn to the resort’s long beaches, fantastic restaurants and relaxed atmosphere. It is said that Cassiopeia was founded in the 3rd century BC and Byzantine fortress still stands on a hill overlooking the town and its beaches. A wide range of leisure activities are available at Kassiopi Beach, allowing visitors to enjoy paragliding, horseback riding, diving and swimming.

Old Town of Corfu

Places to hang out and enjoy in Corfu

Places to hang out and enjoy in Corfu

Corfu has a wide range of entertainment venues, from bustling clubs and bars to quiet seaside cafes. During the summer period, many villages also have fairs and various local festivities.

Adjacent to Paleokastritsa Beach among the rocks is the bustling La Grotta Beach Bar, which is active from early morning to midnight. 

Start your day with a cup of coffee while taking a dip at the beach and end up with a wide selection of cocktails by the sea in the magical landscape.

One of the most well-known beach bars in Corfu is Pazuzo-Glyfada.

A lot of people visit it from morning until late at night, enjoying a dip in the wonderful sandy beach of Glyfada, while the summer rhythms are constantly playing on the speakers. There are often various events with well-known artists and DJs, it is an electrifying atmosphere!

We highly recommend visiting Nagual Beach Bar-  this is a powerful beach bar with a great atmosphere and uplifting mood. 

Various artistic events can be found in the bar itself, from DJs and musicians to the summer cinema.

LemonTree   Cocktail Bar  – This is a great bar, with music from the past few decades. It features plenty of seating, offers stunning cocktails  and is unique and open until the late hours of the night.

The Magic Pleasure Bar – Wave Beach bard  – is located in the south of the island, famous for events and parties that take part in the young scene of the enchanted Corfu.

Corfu's diverse culinary

Corfu’s cuisine is inspired by the different cultures that have occupied the island from time to time, the variety of local food is very rich and sufficient to satisfy even the most demanding lovers of good food.

Some of the most popular dishes are pastasada (beef or chicken with red sauce thick pasta), soprito (beef cut into strips with white wine sauce and garlic), saburo (fish with white hot sauce), boretto (fish with red hot sauce) , as well as a spoonful of Kumquat fruit.

Of course you should not miss to try Tsitsipira (a local soft drink with ginger and lemon).

Some people say that Corfu’s restaurants are among the best in Greece, here are some recommended examples:

Captain Octopus This is the newest of dozens of restaurants available in the touristic area of Benitses, considered the best place to eat in Corfu, Culinary Paradise section of the island.

The Limnopola fish tavern is located by the sea, in the small village of Patrytis in the south, surrounded by the fishing boats that dock in its harbor.

It is considered one of the best tavernas in all of Corfu, especially for fresh fish, the location is relatively quiet,

without the hustle and bustle of bustling tourist centers.

The White House Restaurant in Kalami is characterized by its history, the sea, good Greek food and warm hospitality.

Imagine basking in the sunlight, listening to the ionic sea lapping at your feet, while feeling your taste with appetizers of fresh seafood and local white wine.

Ta Cocuria Restaurantis ideally located in  Corfu’s old town center, very close to the famous Liston and the bell tower of Agios Spiridon Church, at 12-14 Kaloheretou Street.

The restaurant has an outdoor and indoor space, it offers a warm welcome and excellent Greek cuisine.

Historic and artistic sites in Corfu

The Old Fortress

At the easternmost point of the peninsula is the town of Corfu, where the old fortress of Corfu is located. This remarkable medieval structure, known to the Greeks as the Old Fortress, was built in 1546 when the Venetians ruled the island. Separated from the city by a moat, the ancient fortress has two small peaks, named after the island of Corfu. Inside the fortress, visitors will find some British buildings, such as the Church of St. George, installed on the site of the original Venetian buildings.

Old Perithea

For those interested in history or simply fascinated by the island’s traditional culture, one of Corfu’s top attractions is Ancient Perithea.

This village is the oldest remaining in Corfu, although it is almost completely deserted.

The village is located at the base of the Pantokrator mountain, it has been established as a secure place, offering advantages towards the sea but is not visible from the beach

Ancient Perithea boasts eight churches and more than 100 traditional houses. It is recommended to walk through ancient Perithea and see some of the few locals who still call the village home.  Dine in the village’s few tavernas and watch the sheep roam among the fig and cherry trees.

Mt. Pantokrator

The highest peak in all of Corfu is Mount Pantokrator, making the mountain an easily recognizable landmark for residents and visitors alike. From above you can see all of Corfu in a panoramic view, even Albania you can see from afar. The hike to the top of Mount Pantokrator takes an average of 2 hours but you can also drive to the top. A 17th-century church sits near the summit, reminding visitors of the strong connection between mountains and gods in Greek culture.

Church of Agios Spiridon

The most beautiful of all the churches on the island of Corfu is the church of Agios Spiridon, built in 1580. It has the tallest bell tower in the Ionian Islands and is located in the heart of Corfu’s Old Town. The church contains a collection of remains belonging to the Vulgaris family. In the crypt of the church are also the relics of the saint himself in a double sarcophagus. Venetian silver and stunning paintings adorn the church, making its interior amazing, which even those without religious affiliation will appreciate.

Are we thinking about going to Greece for a getaway? Corfu is the right choice for you!


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