Flights to Rhodes

Rhodes – an island that leaves a taste of more!

Rhodes is a magical Greek island which is a huge attraction in itself.

The fourth largest island in Greece and the historic capital of the Dodecanese, has a whole new world:

The medieval city, the castles, the ancient treasures, the nature, the beaches, the lodging, the food, make it one of those islands with everything.

Each specific area of the island of Rhodes is a unique treasure with its own special charm, before you are warm recommendations for attractions on the fascinating island of Rhodes.

Visit to the medieval city

The medieval city is the world’s cultural heritage, as declared in 1998 by UNESCO, an impressive and rare destination.

A huge variety of architecture from different periods of time can be seen in the city, combined with many recreational options and of course places of particular historical and cultural significance.

You can’t visit a medieval city without stopping at the Rhodes Archaeological Museum. Nestled in the former hospital of the Knights of the Order of Agios Ioannis, the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes is one of the most popular in all Greece. The magnificent museum displays archaeological finds of immense cultural importance, from different periods both from Rhodes and the surrounding islands.


Mandraki is a beautiful port outside the medieval city, providing impressive sights and a magical seaside tour,  producing an unforgettable memory of the island. Shown in Mandrake are Elafos and Elafina, the two cylindrical columns in which was the famous Colossus of Rhodes, one of the 7 wonders of the world.

After exploring the harbor, it is recommended to stop in front of the marina, where there are shops selling traditional local products.

The aquarium

Rhodes aquarium  is located at the northern end of the island and is a great choice to visit alone or with your family. The aquarium is home to a number of fish species and many other species. Although a relatively small space, the Rhodes Aquarium is a historically preserved building.

Have you begun to visit Rhodes with the children? It’s a top attraction for the whole family.

Butterflies Valley

Butterflies Valley is one of the most popular attractions in Rhodes and of course one of the essentials to do when visiting the island. The surroundings are beautiful, with rich natural beauty from springs and waterfalls, vegetation, lakes, wooden bridges and many other hidden sights.


The name of the specific area is due to the fact that from June to September a large number of butterflies gather at this particular point, this is a unique and fascinating display.

The entrance to the valley is permitted from May 1st to October 31st, while it remains closed during the winter. In the same area you can also visit a small Museum of Natural History, with a hatchery of butterflies and various specimens of the area’s flora. Finally, alongside the river you can find the old mill which has been converted into a beautiful refreshment room for visitors to the valley.

Hippocrates Square

Hippocrates Square is the heart of Rhodes when it comes to coffee, food and shopping in commercial and local tourist souvenir shops.

Shops are not the only thing you will find in this location, as it is recommended to admire one of the most important medieval buildings, the Castellania.

It is a stone building at the most central point of the square, the result of the Criminal Court of the Knights at the time.

Monte Smith Hill

Monte Smith Hill, or St. Stephen‘s Hill, is a place definitely worth a visit. Just 3 kilometers from the city of Rhodes, this particular hill took its name from the English general Cindy Smith, who set up an observatory to identify the movements of Napoleon’s fleet.

The view from the hill is unforgettable, providing a glimpse of the old and new city, including the shores of Asia Minor.

Among the important attractions of the hill are the ruins of the ancient Acropolis of Rhodes, the theatre which in ancient times hosted many shows, the famous Diagoras stadium and, of course, the ruins of the ancient temple of Apollo, Polyada Athena and Zeus.

The springs of Kalithea

Kalithea Springs is a place where special architecture connects with high aesthetics and gives everyone a magical destination.

The particular springs have been famous since ancient times for their medicinal qualities and have attracted visitors also from the surrounding islands and of course also from the east.

Nowadays, many people visit the springs for the healing virtues.

The springs of Kalithea are only about9 kilometers away from the city of Rhodes.

They show off the spectacular appearance featuring impressive mosaics, an elaborate decoration and a very impressive dome about fourteen meters high that engraves in the memory of the visitors.

The Seven Springs

Although the Kalithea springs are the most popular, it is definitely worth visiting the Seven Springs as well. An area where lush vegetation under the huge plane trees and splashes of ducks and peacocks in the water provide a wonderful melody. In addition, you can relax in the traditional taverna – a cafe in the shade of the trees.


This is the active resort complex of Rhodes, suitable for all ages.

In Faliraki you will find an excellent water park, with the hotels near the water park very aimed at families coming to Rhodes with children.

Beaches of Rhodes

The island of Rhodes is famous for its wonderful organized and disorganized beaches, attracting visitors from all over the world every year.

Beaches with golden sand or fine pebbles, clear water, rocks and caves and of course plenty of choices in beach bars and tavernas.

Kalithea Beach

The beach of Kalithea is located near the springs and combines a beautiful landscape with pine trees displaying  lush shade, a sandy beach and clear water.

Traounou Beach

The organized beach of Traounou offers an excellent opportunity to explore the caves that exist around it.

This particular beach is paved with small pebbles.

Pefkos Beach 

Pefkos beach, which is close to the wonderful town of Lindos, is considered the best sandy beach on the island. A soft golden color alongside the shallow blue-green waters of the sea, produces a magical and pleasant look.

Agathi Beach

Many people choose Agathi Beach for camping because of the wonderful water and shade provided by the trees, which create excellent conditions. 

On Agathi beach you can see the small church of Agia Agathi, a small cave and several tavernas that give traditional flavors. 

Agios Pavlos Beach

Agios Pavlos beach is characterized by a small and picturesque church, wonderful waters of the sea and the magnificent landscape. 

The beach bar allows you to enjoy your coffee or cool cocktails, giving pure moments of pleasure.

Visit the magical town of Simi – the icing on the cake

A trip to Simi is unforgettable, giving each and every one of you wonderful moments during your vacation.

One of the main reasons to visit Simi is the winning combination of its wonderful architecture with the colorful mansions.

Many people describe Simi as a place of legend straight out of a dream, which also means that the distance from Rhodes is nil.

Lindos - one of the wonders of life

About an hour’s drive from the center of Rhodes is the Greek gem of Lindos.

In Lindos you will find breathtaking views, this is one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean basin.

A half-day visit is enough to enjoy and exhaust this charming little town.


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