Let’s have some fun. Lyon with kids

Lyon might not be the first destination to think of when thinking about a vacation with kids. That’s why you are probably going to be surprised to find out just how much fun Lyon can offer for families with kids.

The Golden Head Park (Parc de la Tête d’Or)

This park offers a half day of fun for the family. You will enjoy a big lake, beautiful walking trails, a zoo, some playgrounds, a botanic garden, and many other things with so many possibilities.

You can rent a boat to row on the lake or spend some time in the lovely playgrounds around. You can have a picnic, or bike through the park. The kids can also enjoy a kids’ train that travels the park. It is also recommended to spend some time at the tropical greenhouse.

Kids’ highlight of this park is probably the zoo. Entrance is free of charge, and you will find all sorts of animals: monkeys, zebras, giraffes, and many other fascinating species.

Lyon by boat

A Boat tour with kids is always a great joy. You can have a glimpse of most or many sites and can make family decisions regarding the sites you will go to visit (after the boat tour), or you can just have a great time exploring Lyon from a boat.

Great Museum for the entire family: Movies & Miniature Miseum

Musée Cinéma et Miniature offers an exhibition of many miniature rooms; 70’s barber shop, theater, library, natural history museum featuring dinosaurs’ skeletons, various shops, and many other outstanding miniature rooms with all the details you can imagine. 

It also offers a few rooms with all sorts of movies’ items, from both American and French movies.


In Lyon you can find many murals, in various sizes and in different locations. Kids will be amazed from the size of the art and its sometimes almost misleading appearance.  

One of the largest and most famous murals in Lyon is called Fresque des Lyonnais, the well-known people of Lyon. You can find it on the building at 2 Rue de la Martinière.

Some shopping with kids in Lyon – La part-Dieu

La part-Dieu is a shopping center that offers fun shopping with and for kids, with many brands. You can also find Disney branded store and Primark. There is also a floor when you can find all sorts of fast food that kids usually enjoy.

Curious kids? Science center and Anthropology Museum

The Musée des Confluences offers various collections, such as:

  • Entomological collection 
  • Paleontological collection 
  • Shells collection
  • Mineralogical collection
  • Oceanic collection
  • Arctic collection

And more

This museum is very interesting for many kids as well as adults, and there is no doubt that curious kids will enjoy each collection.

Kids can have fun in so many areas of Lyon, you can enjoy its many parks, fine cuisine, and amazing Renaissance city, you can tour around by bike, or boat and have great quality family time during your vacation in Lyon.

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