7 Best Day Trips from Athens

Vacation in Greece is one-of-a-kind experience, and how easy it is to get there? Well, flights to Athens are quite frequent. Here are 7 recommendations that can make your Greek time amazing:


Day 1 – Meteora Tour by Train

Take the train from Athens train station at to Kalabaka and admire the beautiful Greek landscapes during your trip to Meteora. Prepare yourself for the Meteora majestic sunset tour. Experience all the beauty of the unique phenomenon of Meteora and the holy monasteries on top of the rock giants. 



Day 2 – Cape Sounion and Temple of Poseidon


Cape Sounion is about 72 kilometers south of Athens and the traffic is quite picturesque as it follows the coastline. Travelers can take a bus or half day trip from Athens to see the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounio, visit by a small sailboat. The temple of Poseidon is made of marble and was built in the 5th century BC, about the same time as the Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens. Although the structures are similar, the atmosphere is very different. The Acropolis is stunning and must be “seen”, but the place is always full of visitors. The view of the Aegean is magnificent, worth a flight to Greece by all means.



Day 3 – Delphi 

A journey through time, to a part of the Greek land, that turn your vacation to an exciting moment. The majesty of the archeological site of the Oracle of Delphi is unsurpassed: remnants of buildings of antiquity that reach the limits of myth, the terrible mystical process of ordination that took place here, the sanctity and respect with which the Oracle and the ancients treated the Oracle. The unique Delphic Landscape, complete a picture that is classified as “life experiences”. The archeological site extends along the entire slope of the hill and is scattered with works of art and monuments, at almost every step of the visitor, which will take a long time to climb. Truly, a must-visit place in the vacation itinerary. 


Day 4- Mycenae, Epidaurus and Nafplio

The Peloponnese is considered the center of the ancient world. In this one-day tour from Nafplio to Mycenae you will have the opportunity to get to know an important part of it, as you will visit some of its most important monuments. Starting from Nafplio, the first stop includes a tour of Mycenae, the kingdom of the mythical Agamemnon, where one of the most brilliant civilizations of Greek prehistory, the Mycenaean civilization, developed. The Lions’ Gate, the monumental entrance of the palaces, the cyclopean walls around the citadel and the vaulted tombs of Atreus and Clytemnestra, are a pole of attraction for lovers of the ancient world.

The next stop is Ancient Corinth, with the famous temple of Apollo and the step of the Apostle Paul and the Corinth Canal, which connects the Corinthian Gulf with the Saronic Gulf. Continue your vacation tour to ancient Epidaurus, where the ancient theatre is one of the most famous archaeological monuments in Greece. The Asklepion was the center of healing of serious diseases for the whole of ancient Greece, therefore many monuments were developed around it, the most important being the temple of Asclepius, the Dome and others.


Day 5 – Galaxidi

Galaxidi, one of the most beautiful and quiet coastal cities in Greece, retains to this day its authentic traditional character. Built on the southern coastline of Central Greece, in Fokida, it exudes a manorial atmosphere of an “island” and carries the glamor of its glorious naval tradition. The city has been designated a protected settlement, has a steady mild tourist development, and is about three hours drive from Athens. If you’re interested in flights to Athens, this place shouldn’t be missed.


Day 6 – Ancient Olympia & Isthmus 

There are few cultural monuments that you feel you know before you even visit them. The archeological site of Ancient Olympia is one of them. Capturing the spirit of the Olympic Games is the place where the Olympic flame is lit in honor of the Games that were born here and were held every four years for a millennium. Ancient Olympia is located in the Western Peloponnese and in antiquity was one of the most sacred and majestic places of worship. Nowadays, the foundations of many of its buildings may have survived, but it remains one of the most vibrant and representative archaeological sites in Greece. 


Day 7 – Cruise from Athens to Hydra, Poros and Aegina

Hydra is the island of painters and the dream of photographers. One of the most cosmopolitan Greek islands. Unique architecture, crystal clear waters, famous jewelry and folk-art items, donkeys – the only means of transportation allowed on the island – bring us closer to the living history of the Mediterranean. Next destination is the green Poros with its pines, lemon trees, narrow streets, and bell tower. Last but not least, Aegina, with its rich history, the beautiful landscape with the famous peanut trees, the port with the fish market and the colorful floating vegetable market, the picturesque port of Agia Marina and its hospitable people. Ending a vacation in Aegina is powerful, stamping a once in a lifetime experience.  

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