Attractions and points of interest in Limassol, Cyprus

Limassol is the second-largest port city in Cyprus, second in size to Nicosia, and lies along the southern coast of the island, about a 50-minute drive from Larnaca (which can be reached by a direct flight from Ben Gurion Airport). Limassol offers a Mediterranean vacation experience that combines Greek tavernas, ancient buildings, modern street art, […]

Limassol with children – all the sights to know.

Limassol in Cyprus is a perfect destination for family trips, especially for families with small children. The Mediterranean weather is familiar and comfortable, the cuisine is Greek, Italian and Mediterranean, the atmosphere is relaxed and the distance from Israel is short and allows you to go on a refreshing planned or spontaneous summer vacation within […]

3 Days Trip to Limassol

So what is it about Limassol that makes it a MUST city to visit right in the early stages of your visit to Cyprus? Limassol has a vibrant atmosphere like no other place in Cyprus. The ancient archeological historic sites along with the modern lifestyle, turn this city into a great traveling experience. Day 1 […]

Flights to Cyprus

Ayia Napa Cyprus

Introduction to Cyprus It is known as the “Island of Venus”. Taking into account the sunny weather, the amazing food, the great history, the long stretchy beaches, and you will get a remarkable holiday resort destination. So now that the pandemic is long gone and countries are reopening their borders, it has never been easier […]