Attractions and points of interest in Limassol, Cyprus

Limassol is the second-largest port city in Cyprus, second in size to Nicosia, and lies along the southern coast of the island, about a 50-minute drive from Larnaca (which can be reached by a direct flight from Ben Gurion Airport). Limassol offers a Mediterranean vacation experience that combines Greek tavernas, ancient buildings, modern street art, and parks for family recreation with many points of interest that are suitable for all the family and especially for the lovers of motorsports. Here are some helpful recommendations on the way to your next vacation. 

A visit to the old town. 

The old town is the heart of Limassol and has several major points of interest that you should visit, including Limassol Castle, Saripolou Square, an ancient mosque from the time of the Ottoman Empire, street art, and beautiful areas. The combination of the old and the new attracts many tourists, foreign and local, who often come across an ancient structure next to a boutique store, while the Bouzouki melody is heard in the background and a Mediterranean breeze blows on the forehead. 

Limassol Castle 

Limassol castle will lead you on a journey through time into the Middle Ages. The castle was built during the Ottoman Empire (1590) over an early Christian basilica (dated from the 7th-4th centuries AD) and over a Byzantine monument dating from the 10th or 11th century AD. Within its walls, you can witness ancient art, knights’ armor, ceramic tools and glassware preserved in an exemplary state, ancient inscriptions, embossments, engravings, coins, jewels, ritual items, lighting fixtures, and even a real skeleton of a past warrior from Nicosia. In the past, much damage was done to the castle due to wars and earthquakes, however, over the years, the castle was restored and renovated. 

Those who arrive at the castle will also be able to visit a museum dedicated to the Middle Ages, a museum where you can witness items that bear proof to Cypriot history, including the fabric of social, economic, and religious life that prevailed in the area from the 3rd to the18th century AD, view images and paintings linked to early Christianity until the Turkish occupation, and other historical displays. The visit to the castle is suitable for adults and families with young children and is recommended to combine it with a feast in one of the local restaurants, cafes, tavernas, and bars along with a visit to the port of Limassol.

Saripolou Square 

Saripolou Square is the place to drink your morning coffee or go for a vigorous and happy night out. The place is full of life at all hours, attracts tourists and residents, and serves as a central access point to the main institutions from the four sides of the square – the university, the local market where local agricultural produce is sold (located inside a stone building from 1917) and to the ancient Catholic entrance. 


The old town is having an abundance of murals and contemporary street art, which will provide visitors with beautiful and very creative moments for photography. Walk down the main graffiti street called Anthinon: from there continue to the nearby streets, equipped with a camera and smiles. 

The beautiful areas in the old town that you should see 

During your walking tour ask locals about the Zik-Zak alley which is next to the mosque established in the 16th century and is surrounded by palm trees, there you can stop for a coffee break or a light meal and visit the Turkish quarter, also take about an hour to visit the ancient street in Limassol (it is just down the Zig-Zag alley) where you can witness ancient baths. It is recommended to take a walk along the beach strip of the old town (about 16 kilometers) where you can witness about 20 public statues. If the trip makes you want to go shopping, visit Anexartisias Street, where you will find antique souvenirs and local produce. If you have reached the edge of town, also visit the Napa Islands Cathedral, which was built in the Greek style.


Looking for antiques? Visit Kourion.

Cyprus was a trade center connecting continents and cultures, and Kourion is one of the most impressive proofs of its ancient status. Kurion is located about 18 km from Limassol and can be reached via the paved access road to the top of the hill. There is an organized visitor center, from which you can enter the amphitheater and visit a more remote area, where there are remains of the house of Achilles and the Christian period. In the past, Kourion was the place of the kingdom of Argion – one of the most important and powerful past kingdoms in the region – mythological sources teach that one of the owners of Kourion was Koronius son of Kiniras. 

What you can see in Kourion? Ancient mosaics adorn the palaces of the palaces and the house of Achilles, dating to the 4th century AD. (It should be noted that this is not Achilles from Greek mythology), a very impressively preserved Roman theater, which was built in the second century BC and expanded about 400 years ago, baths and gladiatorial buildings, antiquities from the Temple of Apollo, and more. 

What you should bring? There is no kiosk, but there are vending machines for cold drinks, so it is recommended to stock up on food and drinks in advance, and you should also know that the place is accessible for the disabled and in a wheelchair. 

A leisurely walk on the promenade, the old port, and the marina of Limassol.

Limassol Promenade is bustling with life 24 hours a day, and serves as a meeting place for locals and tourists, with several play facilities for children, plenty of restaurants, taverns, cafes, bars, souvenir shops, shops selling local and traditional products, and more, save a day for a fun visit to the promenade that is suitable for adults and children alike. It is recommended to walk towards the old port of Limassol which is still used today as a fishing port and as a contemporary tourist center, which includes extensive culinary options and entertainment. 

What you should know? Limassol’s promenade stretches for about a mile, and is integrated into MolosPark, which separates the promenade from the road. The promenade is shaded and suitable for walking and cycling (separate path). At the end of the promenade is the marina (western end), where about 600 yachts are moored, where you can sit in restaurants and ice cream parlors and visit the designer shops, the place is very bright, comfortable and safe to walk around the clock. 

Beaches of Limassol 

Besides history, culture, and shopping, Limassol offers a “lazing” experience as suitable for a Mediterranean summer vacation. The city has several beaches, some of which are known for their golden sand and palm trees, such as the marina beach near the old city which includes a path, bar, restaurant, and lawn. At the eastern end of the promenade lies Lighthouse Beach, a relatively narrow beach where you can vacation and sit in one of the restaurants and cafes. If you plan to sunbathe and are already in the eastern part of the marina, visit “La Isla” beach, which offers sunbeds and comfortable chairs, the water on the beach is shallow and many families tend to vacation there (there are wardrobes, toilets, and parking). 

Traveling with children in Limassol? These are the parks worth getting to know. 

The water park in Limassol Fasouri Watermania is located about eight kilometers from the city center and is known as one of the best there is in Cyprus.  The place is well maintained and includes: a tubing slide, kamikaze slide, cannon slide, wave pool, Tarzan swing, and of course a toddler pool with adapted facilities. There is also an obstacle course and a climbing wall above the water. Those interested in a more leisurely time will be able to visit the treatment complex, fish spa, go for a quiet river oboe, and swim in the pool. 

What you should know? The park can be reached by car or by shuttle service from Limassol and the city of Paphos, where there are food stalls, restaurants, and cafes. The park is open to the public from May to October. For more details visit the park website

Traveling by car, looking for another day of activity? Sparti Park is the answer. About a 40-minute drive from the city of Limassol, you can visit a cool rope park with plenty of adventures tailored for every age. Prepare 3 hours for fun in the park. For more details visit the official website

Those looking for a light break from city and marina activities can visit the Limassol Municipal Gardens, which are recognized as the city’s main park and also include the zoo. The place provides a relaxing pastime for most of the day, it is well maintained, clean, shaded, and organized, it has a lawn, a playground, and a central café, and as we mentioned, the complex houses a small, very neat and clean zoo, which is suitable for a short walk of about an hour to two hours. For details, visit:‬

Motorsports enthusiasts? Limassol has a lot to offer you. 

Limassol offers two points of interest for motorsports enthusiasts: the first – is a go-kart complex located on the A6 main road and includes a curvy and challenging track, quality service, and well-maintained karts. For details go to the complex’s Facebook page: The Need 4 Speed Go Karting

The second point of interest is the Motor Museum of Cyprus, which features a wide-ranging complex of 70 collectibles and classic models of historic vehicles such as the 1912 Ford T roadster, and famous vehicles such as the Cadillac used by the President of the United States in 1977, Margaret Thatcher’s vehicle and even Mr. Bean’s Mini Minor. The place is owned and run by a former rally champion who decided to share his love for the motor world with the public, instead of having another collection of antique items like the first vacuum cleaner and more.

What you should know? In the complex there is a cozy café, the place is not air-conditioned (there are fans), so if you are visiting Limassol during the high swimming season it is highly recommended to arrive in the morning or afternoon. The average length of visit is about an hour, and you can continue from there to My Mall. For more details and to rent a car for your trip to Collectibles visit the museum’s official website

Winter attractions in Limassol 

Planning a short holiday in Limassol during the winter season? We are aiming for the annual carnival celebration in Limassol that lasts ten days between February and March, during the 50 days of Easter, during the festival you will enjoy a festive atmosphere, you can spend time at parties and performances and watch the procession that takes place on the last day. Lovers of running and professional sprinters will be able to register for the Limassol Marathon – which includes the city center to the old city of Amathus, along the coastline and back – the marathon takes place once a year in March, for more details visit: 


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