Best Beaches in Paphos

Paphos’ beaches are some of the most beautiful in Cyprus and not only thanks to the crystal clear waters, the Mediterranean sun, and meticulous maintenance. Introducing Paphos beaches that are perfect for a relaxing vacation, snorkeling, nature walks, and family outing. 

 Aphrodite’s Beach

Aphrodite Beach is the most famous beach thanks to the Aphrodite Rock, which serves as evidence for a story about Pygmalion and Aphrodite from Greek mythology (according to the story, Pygmalion created Aphrodite who rose from the foam of the waves on the sea rock, from the love that was forged between them their son named Paphos was born). Aphrodite Beach is known as a romantic and sensual photo site, the atmosphere is mysterious and the landscape is powerful and pristine. The beach strip is very accessible and features quiet and private relaxation corners. 

What you should know: It is highly recommended to arrive towards sunset and shortly after, while the water is painted a greenish hue and creates the illusion of rock lighting. This is one of the most beautiful sites for photography so it is very worthwhile to have a camera. The beach is paved with pebbles and therefore, packed in the bag also comfortable slippers for walking. Near the beach, there is a kiosk and a parking lot. 

Coral Bay

Visiting Paphos with family? Looking for a neat and well-maintained beach, want to sunbathe on a soft, yellow, cozy sand? Looking for water sports? Coral Beach is the answer. Coral Beach is located about 20 kilometers north of the city of Paphos and is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Paphos, about 500 meters long, its waters are clear without waves and the sand is soft and golden, for this reason, many prefer it, and come to visit as a family. In addition, at Coral Beach, you will find a variety of sports activities such as boating, banana, paragliding, tubing, and more, the place is suitable for a relaxing vacation and also for a family vacation. 

What you should know? Adjacent to the beach there are pebbles, so it is recommended to be equipped with comfortable slippers in advance, the sun loungers are available for rent, it is recommended to arrive with snorkels and watch the corals that are reflected underwater. Adjacent to the beach there is a small kiosk, restaurants, and taverns, but stock up well in advance on food and drinks, because in the hot season the place is crowded with visitors, also, the place has toilets but no wardrobes. 

Faros beach is the beach of the lighthouse.

The clear water and golden strip of beach that stretches for 400 meters make Paros Beach one of the favorites among the tourists and locals. The beach offers a relaxing experience alongside culinary entertainment in taverns, restaurants, bars, and cafes and visits to historic sites such as the lighthouse, Paros Castle, the Tombs of the Kings, and the Archaeological Park. The visit to Paros Beach is suitable for any vehicle, it is recommended to arrive early in the hot season and spend a few hours visiting rich in culture, cuisine, and relaxing sitting in front of the sea. 

What you should know? Paros beach is very accessible, the place has parking and can be reached by foot or by bike. Beach facilities include showers, toilets, and sunbeds (for rent). 

Kato Paphos Beach 

Kato Paphos Beach is also known as a local beach, the beach is organized and offers a variety of seating areas installed on a thin floor and on the Posidonius promenade which is nearby and stretches along with it. Spending time on Paphos Beach is especially suitable for bathing, but less suitable for sunbathing (although sunbeds can be rented on-site). Experienced swimmers enjoy reaching the shoreline and swimming in its clear and deep waters. Families looking to visit the beach will be able to enjoy walking along the avenue, visiting tavernas and points of interest nearby. 

What you should know? Kato Paphos Beach is a concentrated, organized bathing beach with sunbathing facilities, changing rooms, and toilets. Those who give up the sea entertainment will be able to visit one of the pleasant taverns, cafes, and bars. In addition, the visit to the coastal area can be combined with a visit to several points of interest such as the tombs of the kings and the medieval castle. If you arrived in the high season you can enjoy the live shows displayed along the boulevard. Recommended recreation: walking along the boulevard to the port. 

Lara Beach

Lara Beach is located on the Akamas Peninsula and is declared a nature reserve where sea turtles lay their eggs in the moonlight. It is one of the most spectacular beaches in Cyprus and in general all over Europe – golden sands, clear water, pleasant sun, and a magical atmosphere. 

What you should know? It is recommended to visit Lara Beach from May to August, these are the months of laying. If you arrive during the day you can watch the aquarium that houses several tiny sea turtles that have just hatched and are waiting to swim in the sea. Access to Lara Beach is complex, as the space remains wild and even pristine, with no development of paths, roads, or roads and no neat signage, for this reason, it is advisable to reach it by SUV, minibus, or by sea by boat from the city of Paphos. If you decide to rest on the soft sand, stock up on sunscreen, water, and food. 

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