Paphos with children – all activities to get to know.

Paphos is one of the most popular holiday destinations for young families who love Greek culture, who want to enjoy prairie cuisine, visit heritage sites, and relax in Mediterranean weather. Today, thanks to the opening of a new and direct flight route from Ben Gurion Airport to the city of Paphos, it is much easier to visit the Mediterranean pearl and enjoy a refreshing vacation at an affordable price. Taking a vacation in Paphos with the kids? Here are some recommendations to be aware of. 

Aphrodite Children’s Water Park in Paphos.

Do you like water? Looking for a chilled experience? If you came to Paphos with the kids, spend a day visiting the Aphrodite Water Park. Aphrodite Water Park is an exemplary organized complex, which allows you to move between the facilities without standing in lines. The place includes a water slide complex, a wave pool, a slow tubing river, a climbing wall in the pool area, and other activities in the sea breeze. The place is very tidy, clean, and well maintained throughout the day. It is very easy to get around the water park thanks to the clear signage. While the kids (adults) slide around, the parents can vacation by the pool, lay on the sunbeds, and enjoy the warm sun. The place also includes private wardrobes and toilets, a locker can be rented, and there is unlimited FI-WI connection. 

Prices: The entrance fee to the park is very similar to the price used in Israel, there is a food complex that includes a selection of options: pizzeria, hamburger, sushi, and bars. The purchase can be made in cash, credit, or by charging the barcode bracelet given at the entrance (so that it will be possible to pay for the purchases at the exit). You can reduce the cost of entering the park if you arrived by public transport (on presentation of the bus ticket), you can also reduce the price of the ticket when ordering a family package. Booking through the official website will entitle you to a 15% discount. 

Additional recommendations: If your children are preschoolers – get buoys (buoys can also be purchased in the parking area) The place has a toddlers pool with scaled-down facilities, slides, and a pirate ship. If you have exhausted your stay in the water, you can relax and unwind in the quiet area of the park, where you can lie on sunbeds under umbrellas. 

Cosmic World Center – a bowling alley and Gymboree for children in Paphos.

Is it hot outside? Are the beaches crowded? Looking for a bumpy activity for kids? Spend half a day and come visit the Cosmic World Center bowling alley and gym which serves as an active playground, which includes playgrounds, a toboggan slide, a bowling alley, slot machines, and video games. You can come with food and drink or sit in one of the restaurants and cafes on site. 

Paphos Zoo. 

Paphos Zoo is a 25-minute drive northwest of the city. The place was established by a resident of Cyprus and in 2003 passed into the public domain. This space does not exceed 100,000 square meters (for comparison, Paphos Zoo is smaller than the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem), and includes a variety of animals and enrichment activities for the whole family, so enjoyment is guaranteed for young and old alike. 

The atmosphere at the zoo is very rustic and cozy, the space is manicured and dipped in green. You can tread pre-built routes and stop at one of the designated spots for a rest or picnic. Then you can continue to the zoo complexes, bird complexes, reptile complexes, monkey cages, giraffe cages (with paid feeding stations), crocodile, kangaroos, Siberian tigers, Asian elephants, albino lions enclosures, and in addition, the largest collection of venomous parrots and snakes in Europe. 

When should I visit? It is best to arrive in the morning, as during the hot hours the animals are hiding in the cages. You can watch the spectacular bird show, this show is very entertaining and includes stunts of parrots and owls, it is recommended to be equipped with cameras and wait for the end! The bird show takes place at noon and afternoon (12:00, 2:30, and 5:00 except in August where the last show takes place at 6:00). 

Additional points of interest: If you stay in the garden during the hot afternoon hours, you can catch a cold in one of the two museums in the complex. The first of them deals with history and is designed as a traditional space and the second of them deals with agriculture and traditional art, where you can see the richest ceramic exhibition in Cyprus. 

Food & beverage: At the zoo, you will find an ice cream parlor, a snack bar, and a Cypriot tavern (Flamingo Restaurant).

Additional tips: You can reduce the cost of entry (about 8.5 euros) by purchasing a travel ticket combined with the entrance ticket, you can purchase this ticket at the reception of the hotel where you are staying. For further inquiries please visit the official website

tombs of the kings PAPHOS

A visit with the children to the tombs of the kings. 

The Tombs of the Kings are declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can reach them from Kato Paphos Beach or Paros Beach and then visit neighboring sites like the lighthouse and the archeological fortress. A visit to the tombs of the kings provides a glimpse into a historical period that froze in time, the place is open and scattered are family or personal tombs, which can be distinguished by the reliefs and paintings therein. It is possible to enter some of the burial caves hewn in the rock, however, most of the site is open and even is near active archeological excavations. 

What should I know before visiting? It is recommended to spend about two hours visiting the place, as we mentioned, the visit can be combined with nearby points of interest. Also, it is worth noting that despite the name of the place, it is not used for the burial of kings but for the burial of nobles and rich people who once lived in the city of Paphos (the tombs date from the 4th century BC to the 3rd century BC). The appearance of the tombs is very similar to those found in ancient Egypt, the researchers explain that the reason for this is rooted in the branching trade ties that characterized the period. What will you not find in the tombs? Do not worry, in the tombs you will not find the remains of bones or mummies, nor will you find precious objects (since in the past it was customary to bury the dead with his belongings). 

When should I visit? The site is open all year round (except on Christmas, Rosh Hashanah, and the first day of Easter). In the spring and summer seasons, the site can be visited from 8:30AM – 7:30PM In the fall and winter seasons, the site is open from 8:30AM – 5:00PM. At the end of the visit, you can dine in one of the taverns or restaurants on the nearby promenade.

Blue Lagoon and a walk with the kids in Latchi Village.

The Blue Lagoon of Paphos is a picturesque and astonishing bay in the beauty of Akamas. The Blue Lagoon can be reached by boat or yacht sailing from the village of Latchi and moored in the lagoon, or by speedboat. Take about half a day for the cruise, stock up on water, food, and snorkels so you can dive in the crystal clear waters and watch the colorful corals and fish. 

Most cruise companies in Paphos offer a cruise that is often combined with a party and even a lunch with meat “on the grill”, if you are interested in a quieter experience, it is better to get to the lagoon in a small motorboat. After returning from the cruise you can walk in the fishing village, march in the marina and dine in one of the beautiful taverns or sit in one of the bars or cafes and look out from their balconies to the beach, where you will see the fishing boats moored in the old port and the rows of new yachts. You can then go on a walking or riding tour and walk the nature trails that surround the village. Make a day for the experience. 

Paphos with kids – other recreational options to explore. 

Paphos is highly recommended for family trips and especially for family trips with small children during the hot season and throughout the year. Paphos can be reached in 45 minutes by direct flight from Ben Gurion Airport. As is customary in a tourist city, in Paphos you will also find luxurious hotels that are designed to accommodate families with children and include a pool and a variety of activities. Getting around Paphos is accessible and convenient Public transport is available and arrives at half an hour frequency, and you can also get around by shuttles and visit the famous heritage and historical sites, or rent a car (driving in Paphos is on the left and the traffic laws are the same as those in the UK). 

In the hot hours of the day, you can cool off in the mall, visit the “Jumbo” store and purchase local and global brands and even stock up on everything a baby and toddler needs. (Most brands marketed in Paphos are also sold in Israel). Beyond that, you can visit the old market and the artisan fairs spread throughout the upper city, where you can join artist workshops and experience well-known traditional crafts in Cyprus. 

For more information and to book your flight to Paphos, click here. 

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