Limassol with children – all the sights to know.

Limassol in Cyprus is a perfect destination for family trips, especially for families with small children. The Mediterranean weather is familiar and comfortable, the cuisine is Greek, Italian and Mediterranean, the atmosphere is relaxed and the distance from Israel is short and allows you to go on a refreshing planned or spontaneous summer vacation within a trade flight that lasts only 40 minutes (Today you can fly directly from Ben Gurion Airport to Larnaca and travel by car or public transport for another 50 minutes to Limassol). Limassol is a fascinating city that combines old and new, and includes the most successful and fun children’s attractions in Cyprus, here are some of them worth getting to know. 

A stroll with the kids through the old town, the marina, the castle, and Gymboree. 

Limassol’s Old Town offers several attractions suitable for family outings, including: A medieval castle built during the Ottoman Empire on the ruins of a Christian basilica and a Byzantine monument, a museum dedicated to the Middle Ages, picturesque streets that bring together old and new with a wide range of creative graffiti paintings, a bustling central square (Saripolou), a farmers market, a marina, and a Gymboree, are very easy to spot thanks to the colorful façade. Our recommendation is to plan a day for a walk around the Old City that combines history and childhood experiences. 

Visit the wonderful castle whose name goes before it and you will be able to see the place that stopped Queen and was restored over the years. Also visit the medieval museum located in the castle complex, where you can see a variety of knights’ armor, coins, jewelry, reliefs, ancient inscriptions, paintings, pictures, and other well-preserved ancient items. 

Continue to the Gymboree which includes its games, various facilities, a costume corner, a motorcycle pitch for petting, slides, a small ropes park, inflatables, and also a café for the well-being of the visitors. Afterward, towards sunset, you can reach one of the cafes or one of the restaurants and taverns spread along the harbor, castle, or Saripolou Square (the place is especially popular with the residents of Limassol), enjoy a delicious meal and a lively atmosphere, walk in the colorful graffiti plazas, take photos and be photographed. 

Visit My Mall

My Mall in front of Limassol is located in the western part of the city, and in addition to about 100 stores of local brands and world brands, it offers attractions suitable for spending time with children such as the ice skating rink (located in the basement of the mall and above it has a glass roof), a Gymboree complex, a video games complex, a bowling alley and a food complex that extends over 40,000 square meters. In My Mall, you will find clothing and footwear stores, camping gear, gadgets, appliances, books, furniture, ceramic art, and more. Visit the mall website for more details. 

Limassol Water Park – Fasouri Watermania

Fasouri Water Park is known as the largest park in Cyprus, which stretches over 105 square kilometers and is decorated in a Polynesian island style in a tropical jungle atmosphere. The place has 30 different facilities – kamikaze slide, cannon slide, tubing river, toddler pool with adapted facilities, swimming pool without activities, climbing wall, black hole and black hole extreme, waterfalls, challenging routes over the sea, and more. Great fun!

What you should know? The park is ranked in the first places in the global park rankings and excels in excellent service and proper maintenance, the place has active and relaxing areas (including a fish spa and massage complex). There is also a wide dining area, cafes, and lawns for relaxation so that anyone of any age can enjoy their favorite pastime. The rescue team is skilled and participates in periodic safety and rescue training, buoys, sea mattresses, and life belts are available free of charge. Access to the park is possible by car or by shuttle from the city of Limassol and the city of Paphos. 

Olive Tree Museum 

Cypriot culture reserves a place for the olive tree and displays the deep connection to the olive produce at the Olive Tree Museum in Limassol. The place is suitable for visits throughout the year, especially in the winter months (October-February) when the olive extraction process takes place. During the visit to the Olive Museum, you can learn about the history of the olive tree, relax in the outdoor park which includes an orchard of olive trees and offers pleasant outdoor activities such as riding ponies and a walk in the old water station. Later you can dine at the museum restaurant which offers traditional Cypriot food and purchase souvenirs at the local shop. For more details, visit the official website: 

Museum of Antique Cars 

Near My Mall is the Museum of Antique Cars. This complex which is owned and managed by a former Rally Champion includes 70 exhibits of ancient and famous vehicles, such as Mr. Bean’s vehicle, Margaret Thatcher’s vehicle, and vehicles from the world’s history. The place is not air-conditioned, so it is recommended to arrive in the morning or the afternoon. You can also combine a visit to the place with a visit to a mall or a visit to a casino located on the west side of the city. What you should know? The place has a café, and the average visit to it takes about an hour, in addition to that you can rent one of the collectible vehicles for the trip. For more details, visit:

The municipal park and the small zoo 

The municipal park is a gem in the heart of the city of Limassol where you can relax in the shade, play ball, sit in the main café and relax with the family. The place is safe, comfortable, bright, shaded, well maintained, and includes in its complex also the small zoo. What you should know? The place is very suitable for a relaxed family outing and picnic, located near the promenade, and also includes a playground and an open theater. 

Masterland amusement park. Masterland

Masterland Amusement Park is very different from any other amusement park, because in Masterland Park the children become “adults” for one day, but see the world in the dimensions adapted to them. How? The park simulates a small town with its coin, small vehicles, cobbled streets, and seventy sweet figures who welcome the children and teach them about the professions of the future. The place has operating halls and costumes. To the Facebook page click here

A walk with the children on the promenade of Molos and in the old port of Limassol. 

The Molos Promenade stretches for a mile and a half and serves as the main promenade of Limassol. Along the promenade, there are wooden platforms, tall palm trees, and small pools. You can walk along the promenade or rent a bike and continue riding or walking towards the old port of Limassol. The old port of Limassol is a very bustling hotspot that includes cafes, restaurants, ice cream parlors, and designer shops, with small fishing boats moored along with the port, with a Mediterranean and pleasant atmosphere. 

Lady Mile Beach 

And finally, if you have one more day left for vacation and you are debating how to spend it, we recommend Lady Mile Beach, which features a restaurant, bar, and inflatable water activities for children. The place also has water sports activities that include motorbike rentals, jet skiing, water skiing, water skiing lessons, windsurfing, and windsurfing lessons. What you should know? While the children enjoy the inflatable activity you can relax on the sunbeds, eat from the restaurant and say goodbye to Limassol with a smile. You should know that instead you can buy tickets for a boat trip and you can play football on the beach. Further details can be found on the official website

For more information on attractions for children in Limassol and to purchase airline tickets to Larnaca click on the link. 

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