Flights to Brussels – All you need to know before you take off!​

Introduction to Brussels

Brussels is a friendly city where beer flows freely, there is no shortage of activities. It contains an immense artistic and architectural heritage. The most beautiful place in Brussels is the Grand-Place, home to the town hall, many Gothic-style buildings, the market square, and the “Manneken-Pis” or the famous bronze statue who urinates in public. TheAtomium offers a breathtaking view of the city and the Parc du Cinquantenaire, both symbolizing this European capital.
Brussels is a large city but most of the districts are pedestrianized, all trips and visits can be done on foot.

What makes Brussels so special?

Art and Culture

The city of Brussels has many green spaces where it is very pleasant to walk. In these large parks, it is also possible to see beautiful monuments. This is the case of the Parc du Cinquantenaire with its magnificent arcades, the Parc de Bruxelles (formerly Parc Royal) with its Royal Palace or the parks of Laeken with their Royal Estate. Other places in Brussels can offer you bucolic walks, such as the Botanical Garden, the small Egmont Park, the Mellaerts pond or even the immense Bois de la Cambre outside the city.
If you plan to stroll through the Parc du Cinquantenaire, allow a little more time to visit the lovely museums there (notably Autoworld and the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History).
The statue of Manneken-Pis, this little man urinating, is undoubtedly one of the most famous monuments in Brussels. The Manneken-pis is regularly dressed in different costumes. Depending on your date of visit or the events, you could therefore see him as Mozart, as a pilot, as Santa Claus etc.

Atomium / Mini Europe

Two of Brussels’ most famous tourist attractions are right next to each other: To the north of the capital, you can see and visit the famous Atomium, a giant steel sculpture (102 meters) representing an “iron crystal mesh” on an atomic scale. It was built for the Universal Exhibition of 1958. A few hundred meters further, you can also visit Mini-Europe. This pretty park represents miniature versions of European countries and their most beautiful monuments. These two visits are perfect for an outing with kids, which will enjoy each minute there.

Cuisine and Gastronomy

Brussels is well known for its diverse cuisine; Whether you like typical Brussels, Italian, French or Asian dishes, different flavors are on the menu. Brussels is full of various types of restaurants, ranging from fine dining to cheap.

Generally, Brussels cuisine inherits Belgian regional cuisine, incorporating Walloon and Flemish regional specialties. Then it is influenced by the mixture of different cultures due to immigration from large communities to bring out varied recipes. 

Chocolate has made quite a history in Brussels alongside Coffee shops; the manufacture of chocolate is raised to the level of true art by the House of Belgian master chocolate makers.

Beer takes an important place in Brussels; breweries of all genres abound in the city.

Tips and Tricks

Ideal months to visit Brussels​

March to May, weather is pleasant, temperatures range between 8-17 degrees C’​

The most popular dish is​

Mussels and fries, and it’s considered as iconic symbol of Belgium​

Brussels local phone number prefix is​

+32 2​

Time zone is​


There are three official languages in Belgium​

French, Dutch, and German​

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