Flights to Lefkada

Lefkada – paradise on earth!

Lefkada is a magical little Greek island, which harmoniously combines the natural landscape with a rich cultural heritage.

In Lefkada you will find beautiful villages, extreme hiking trails and exciting attractions  as windsurfing, kitesurfing and so on.

Visiting Lefkada is one big celebration, where natural beauty, traditional settlements and centuries-old architectural nobility are combined in one impressive aesthetic assembly.

So what do you want to do and where do you want to go?…

The beaches of Lefkada

Lefkada is world famous for its beaches, which make the visit unforgettable.

These are vast exotic beaches, including bays,  cliffs that plunge into the sea and a forest of pine trees that fall into intoxicatedly towards the coast. 

Here’s some fascinating information about five best beaches to visit in Lefkada:

 Porto Katsiki is a beautiful bay, a marvelous combination of white sand and turquoise water.In addition to a classic laze, you  can enjoy water sports – jet skis, motor boats, oboes, banana, paragliding and windsurfing.

Kathisma is a beach on the west side of the island, amazing in its beauty, the most popular sport on the coast is paragliding.

At Agiofylli beach you will find a quiet and intimate experience. This beach is located in the southern part of the island, can only be reached by boat from the village of Vasiliki. Agiofylli beach is located in a picturesque bay, with golden sand and clear water, away from the crowds.

The beach at the bay of the picturesque village of Agios Nikitas  is exciting and unforgettable. The clear blue water combined with the small beach bars provide magical moments.

Decimi  is one of the most special beache in Lefkada. It is located on the east side of the Jenny Peninsula, surrounded by tall cliffs covered with much green. This beach also offers  pure camping in the surrounding nature.

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Have you decided to visit Lefkada? It is also recommended to visit the small islands surrounding it. 

Magnissi is Lefkada’s jewel. This island is only a few minutes away from cosmopolitan Nidri and is easily accessible with regular services departing from the port of the town.

The islands of Kalamos and Kastos are extremely quiet and picturesque, with pine-covered slopes, blue-green beaches and historic monuments.

The scorpion of Aristotle Onassis is a small and very special island due to its authenticity, as well – only a small part of it is accessible to the public.

Lefkada: a hub of attraction for lovers of water sports

Lefkada is considered famous among lovers of water sports around the world.

Its beaches attract masses of people every year who love surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing.

If you prefer kite surfing, a visit to Myli is the ideal choice.

It is also possible to paraglide on the stunning Katisma beach and even take off in the sky with one of the support planes, or with the light aircraft of Aeroclub. 

For the more daring who want to experiment with more extreme activity, the para five or paragliding is recommended. There are two take-off points on the island: the lowest (130 meters high) and the highest (650 meters high). The low point is above Katisma Beach, while the high point is in the village of Exantia.

Rural areas in Lefkada

In the mountainous part of Lefkada Island, dozens of picturesque little villages are scattered, upgrading the resort in this area.

Check out these magical authentic experiences:

Karya village

Considered the main village of Lefkada. It has a large square with centuries-old plane trees which is a pumping stone for locals and tourists on warm summer evenings. The village of Karya offers picturesque tavernas and cafes, while lovers of tradition and art can take a closer look at the art of the Karsan Seam, which was included in the UNESCO National List of Cultural Heritage.

In the village of Karya, a three-day representation of the village wedding is held annually, where all the wedding customs and traditions of the island are represented. 

The event is usually held during the first weekend of August with the participation of the villagers.

Just a few kilometers from Karya is Aglobi, famous for its lentils all over the world and a little higher is the church of Agios Donatos, located at a point with a panoramic view of the whole island.

Vasiliki village

In the village of Vasiliki you will find dense vegetation and clear water, while from its harbor you can take a boat for a cruise to the neighboring beaches and Cape Lefkada. 

The plateau village of Vasiliki is ideal for sightseeing, on foot or by bike. It is located in the southern part of the island and one of its advantages is the beautiful route you cross to reach it. 

Drimons village

Drimons is a quiet traditional village, relatively far from the sea.

The  village is characterized by stone houses with ceramic roofs, gardens with vegetables and flowers. There are villas for rent and guesthouses, some of which offer views of the Greek horizon and sea. People  who come to visit the Drimons, enjoy it thanks to the relaxed and laze atmosphere it offers.

Siberus village 

Seberus is located on the mountain slopes above Vasiliki Bay. The village of Seberus includes about 20 springs and water mills. The surrounding mountains are covered with greenery, trees, olive groves and hidden hiking trails. Highly recommended!

Cultural sites in Lefkada

Lefkada is an island with great cultural heritage and history. Once you enter the island you will see the castle of Agia Mavra which is one of the most impressive medieval buildings in Greece and is considered a model of fortified art of the time.

As you look from the castle to the horizon, you can notice the fascinating beaches of the Giera Lagoon, which blur the water border between the island and the mainland.

A few kilometers past the beach of Porto Katsiki, at the southernmost point of the island, is the Ducato Lighthouse, built in 1890 and considered to be the most famous symbol of the city.

The Sacred Monastery of Panerumani is a historical monument located three kilometers from Lefkada and has been the religious center of the island for centuries as the oldest and largest monastery.

Lefkada’s turntable museum showcases turntables, records, rare objects of use, knickknacks, coins, seals and photographs.

Culinary in Lefkada – hot and delicious recommendations

In Lefkada you can enjoy delicious dishes of French, Italian and Greek cuisine alongside chef’s restaurants using the island’s fresh vegetables, olive oil and famous honey.

In Jalatopolis, on Lefkada’s pedestrian zone, you can experience daily fresh, sweet ice cream flavors such as chocolate pie and chocolate soufflé.

 Enjoy them in your hand while strolling along the harbor of the city, or sitting in the beautiful square of Agia Mavra.

In Nikiana, a picturesque seaside village, 5 kilometers outside Lefkada, lies the family tavern of Minas

This taverna serves delicious fresh fish with a sea view, a combination you can’t miss.

At Margarita’s Cafe Restaurant you will find excellent food, whether you are a seafood lover or you like more meat. The view of the marina and boats is spectacular.

In any supermarket or grocery store on the island, local salami can be obtained. Lefkada is famous for its local salami, and if you’re a meat lover, try and enjoy it.  

Rakhi Restaurant in Rakhi town presents a view of breathtaking sunsets on the island with varied food suitable for children and adults alike.

In the restaurant you can enjoy good music and a selection of cocktails. 

The famous Amante Restaurant is a chef’s restaurant with an infinity pool and a fascinating look at  stunning sunsets. 

Café Panorama is a restaurant that showcases Lefkada’s stunning scenery alongside an authentic Greek menu alongside international cuisine.

So, what are you waiting for? Reserve your holiday in Lefkada, Yasu!


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