Passengers with special needs


TUS Airways aims to provide an excellent service and provide all the essential services to ensure that passengers with special needs enjoy a comfortable flight and safely board the aircraft. Wheelchairs are carried free of charge and are not counted as part of the standard baggage allowance. Should you require any special assistance during your flight‚ during check-in and when boarding the aircraft or if you require transportation in a wheelchair when boarding and exiting the aircraft‚ please contact the TUS Call Centre when you make your booking at least 48 hours before your flight to advise them of your request. 

Passengers who have certain medical conditions and those requiring special care during the flight‚ as well as passengers in the post-operative period are required to provide a Medical Information Form (MEDIF). The MEDIF should be completed by the passenger and the passenger’s attending physician‚ giving full details on the patient’s state of health and certifying that he or she is fit to fly. MEDIF should reach TUS Airways call center no later than 72 hours prior to your flight to enable clearance from TUS Aviation certified physician.

Medical equipment in flight

If a passenger needs to travel by having an oxygen concentrator for specific needs during a flight‚ then the relevant Medical Information Form (MEDIF) must be filled in by the attending physician giving details of the patient’s state of health‚ and certifying that he or she is fit to fly. Passengers must supply their own battery powered equipment (POC) with approved specifications suitable for use on aircraft‚ and must be accompanied by the corresponding documentation certifying its suitability for use during the journey. For precise guidelines on implementing the specified procedure‚ please contact the TUS Airways Call Centre at least 72 hours before departure in order to allow us sufficient time for proper arrangements. (TEL : +357 24 200 400)

Pregnant passengers

Pregnant women are acceptable for air travel in normal conditions up to and including the 36th week of pregnancy. From the 28th week‚ an expectant mother should have a medical certificate signed by a doctor stating the duration of pregnancy on the travel and confirming that she is fit to travel by air. For further information‚ please contact TUS Call Centre. (TEL : +357 24 200 400)